Finaspan and Decor Solutions Partnership – Aranya®  01/03/2015

New exclusive partnership from February 1st 2015, when Decor Solutions became the UK’s sole distributor for Aranya®, Waves®, and Wood-U-Feel® veneered products from Finaspan. Aranya & Waves are a completely new concept in veneered MDF technology, with high quality veneers tinted and lacquered in a variety of colours. The benefits...... • Pre-Finished, lacquered A/A Faces. • A higher quality finish. • Environmentally friendly product (No added formaldehyde core MDF). The Core - PEFC™ certified Formaldehyde free MDF in a solid colour compatible with the veneer shade. The Finish – Aranya & Waves is finished with a UV cured lacquer with a 5% sheen to replicate natural wood. The lacquer is solvent free, formaldehyde free, and virtually invisible. Boards come with a Rolex Replica factory applied ‘easy peel’ protective polythene film. Finaspan are a long established Belgian manufacturer who have recently expanded their range of high quality pre-finished veneered panels. We stock a range of the Aranya, Waves and Wood-U-Feel products, see additional information for full product descriptions and formats.

Aranya® - a range of seven unique A/A faced, stained & UV lacquered veneered panels on an MDF Pure core (Formaldehyde Free) where accent lays on Oak and Walnut veneer selected for color and jointed in mix-match. Pre-finished internal use where there is no moisture risk. Wood-U-Feel® - Six trendy species which are ideal for structure and tactile effect, including Natural & Smoked Oak, Natural & Smoked Larch, Knotty Pine, & Olive Ash, with brushed faces to emphasise the structure of the veneer. Finished with a special UV matt finish whilst maintaining the feel of the natural wood. Waves® - a smaller range of five decors pre-finished with UV lacquer on Oaks and Walnut but on a Moisture Resistant MDF core to specifically be used in areas of higher moisture risk, but not externally. Finaspan also offer a Wood4Ever® collection with a thick veneer panel offer in 1.5mm & 2.4mm faces, with brushed & sawn effect finishes. Random matched veneers maintaining the authentic character of the wood, with species ranging from various cut Oaks to Wenge & Larch. The Masterflex® range of flexible veneers also compliments the pre-finished lacquered panels, making it ideal for custom made inlaid work and for refurbishment and repair of existing work. All veneer species are available in Masterflex®. Please find attached PDF literature relating to each of the ranges, with details of specie, panel size and thickness availability.

Download: 112317-FINASPAN-ARANYA-3-luik-EN-v8(1).pdf

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